Q. What age do I have to be to join?

A. You must be a minimum age of 12 years old and in year 8 of School. You can join us up until the age of 17 with a maximum age limit of 20.

Q. When does the Squadron meet?

A. 1027 (Jarrow) Squadron meets on 2 parade nights per week (Monday & Thursday evenings 1900 hrs until 2130 hrs)

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Unlike other Cadet Forces, there is no joining fee. We do ask Cadets to pay a small Subscription Fee each month however this is not paid until they are issued with uniform and a record of service book. If you pay by Standing order the subscription is £14 (Which equates to only £1.75 per night!). This money is needed to pay for Squadron Activities. Considering what you get out of the ATC would cost hundreds/thousands of pounds to do privately, this is great value for money.

Q. Do I have to buy my own uniform?

A. No, uniform is issued free of charge by the Royal Air Force. However, this uniform is on loan and remains property of the Squadron. It must be properly maintained. Shoes (Black military parade shoe – Oxford Leather Toecap) will have to be bought separately.

Q. Is there lots of discipline?

A. The Air Training Corps is an organisation with close links to the Royal Air Force. Because of these military values, Cadets will be subject to an environment which aims to improve self-discipline. This seemingly ‘scary’ prospect is balanced with the range of exciting opportunities on offer and friendships you make.

Q. What about people with disabilities, can they join?

A. The Air Training Corps values its Equal Opportunities Policies and is happy to accommodate those with a disability; of course this is dependent on the aspects of the disability. Specifics can be discussed with the Squadron Staff, who will be happy to help.

Q. Is it easy to get on with people and make friends?

A. Yes, Cadets are very friendly and will welcome any new recruit on to the Squadron. There is naturally a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. The Air Training Corps also has strict Anti-Bullying Policies in place.

Q. Do I have to go flying?

A. Flying is a new, exciting opportunity for anybody however it is not compulsory. Unlike commercial aircraft you may have flown in, the aircraft you fly in will only hold you and the pilot. This is a daunting thought for Cadet or Parent however safety is always the major priority and statistically you are more likely to win the lottery jackpot than have an accident while flying with the ATC.