Residential trips are what all Cadets get excited about.

They involve staying in accommodation, most often on a Royal Air Force Station away from home. It is a great opportunity for a Cadet to develop their maturity through being away from home for a short amount of time. They can last any time between one weekend or 2 weeks. There are 4 main types of residential camps:

  • Blues Camp (Easter and Summer) – Cadets wear mainly working blue uniform as they spend a week taking part in a packed programme.
  • Greens Camp – Cadets wear DPM (Camouflage) uniform as they take part in activities such as shooting, assault courses, fieldcraft, night exercises etc.
  • Adventure Training Camp – No uniform is worn on this camp, a physically demanding camp, it consists of rock climbing, hiking etc.
  • Overseas Camp – With Cadets from across the country, Cadets will spend 9 days at an RAF station overseas, usually Cyprus or Germany.